Exercise to Easier Imagine Whatever

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Exercise to Easier Imagine Whatever  Empty Exercise to Easier Imagine Whatever

Post by nikolabusic on Sun Feb 12, 2017 2:18 pm

~It's easier to imagine whatever you want after the movement exercise. Read till end:

"Here is an exercise that I have found very helpful. At home, where I know what every part of a given room looks like, I sit in a chair facing one wall, and with my eyes closed, I “look” ahead and see not the wall that is in front of me, but the one that is behind me. I see that wall in my mind’s eye and it is now in front of me. Then the room has reversed itself, or I have reversed myself. Throughout the whole Bible there is this tone of reversibility. I discovered as I read it that it means this. So I see what is behind me as if it were in front of me." -Neville in "Esau & Jacob"

In a nuthsell:

1. Sit in a chair facing 1 wall in your room or wherever

2. "Look" ahead and imagine a wall behind you being in front of you. (You can open or close your eyes. I tried both, but continued to close my eyes)

3. Stay in your imagination until you are 100% sure the wall behind you is now in front of you.

4. When it appears in front of you, you can open your eyes and go your way or repeat the same process with a new wall/room

Doing this even for as little as 7 days in a row for about 10 minutes a day will amplify your vividness a lot and you will be able to imagine whatever you want more easily!

Happy Manifesting!

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Exercise to Easier Imagine Whatever  Empty Re: Exercise to Easier Imagine Whatever

Post by Berryluv on Mon Apr 03, 2017 10:36 pm

That's a great exercise.

Studying material things you desire is vital. Thank you for sharing such an easy way to exercise our minds. And don't think exercising this isn't important, just like how an athlete has to train everyday or a musician has to practice their scales daily. These are the basics that every entry level or expert should do.

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