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Post by nikolabusic on Sat Jan 07, 2017 9:34 pm

Healing Manifestation by one of my future ebooks:

"*Fifth story is about a healing manifestation for a close cousin of mine who we will call Miss T.  Miss T was diagnosed with some bone issue around 2, 3 years ago. Since we are close she told me about that and expressed how she doesn't want to have any part of that and she wants to be in perfect health. I have tried then to somehow tell her about the Law and the power of her imagination but she just wasn't receptive to it. After my try to get her to know the Law and how to use it, I told her that all is going to be well. I remember I have used a couple of (imaginal) scenes for her and her health. The moment she left our home, I revised our entire conversation to a conversation where she is telling me how she is totally healed, well and healthy. I have also imagined a scene around 1 year or so since that conversation where she is telling me how perfectly well she is and I saw a big, happy smile on her face and I expressed (told) to her my joy for that. After some time, I don't remember the exact days, but really soon my first imaginal act took place - my revised conversation scene. And then, just a little bit before 1 year since our original conversation took place, my second revised scene have happened - she told me that she is perfectly well while she smiled so happily and I told her how happy and thrilled I am for her. She has been well ever since. This is what revision is all about. It works for everything and all involved are blessed - both the revisionist and the people revision is done for."

Happy Manifesting!

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