Most Important Aspect of Manifesting

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Most Important Aspect of Manifesting Empty Most Important Aspect of Manifesting

Post by nikolabusic on Mon Jan 02, 2017 10:34 am

The MOST Important Aspect of Manifesting is Revision.

Neville said in one of his lectures that if he would not say another word, except explaining Revision, that would be it, that would be more than enough to manifest whatever you want.

These are his words from "The Prunning Shears of Revision":

"I feel that this morning's subject that this could be it, that if I never said another word, and you heard it and believed it, and really used it, this would be the planting that would spread from us here that tomorrow could not undo.

For it is magic, this pruning shears of revision.

It really is not only the achievement of objectives, but if you do it daily, it will awaken in you the spirit of Jesus, which is continual forgiveness of sin."

Basically, Revision has (at least) 2 effects.
First one is that you set yourself free when you revise unwanted events from the past,
Second one is that you will awake TOTALLY after some time of practicing Revision.

So, use Revision daily.
You will bless You when You apply it.


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