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Imaging vs Visualizing Empty Imaging vs Visualizing

Post by Berryluv on Wed Aug 10, 2016 4:38 pm

Imagination versus Visualization

Although the terms are used interchangably, there is a big difference when it comes to the practice of the two. Creative visualization and imagination can both bring successes to your life. However, by definition, imagination is the power act of reproducing images in the mind towards a specific goal of somethng that is not actually present to the physical senses. Whereas, visualization is a technique that focuses positive mental images with a specific goal of achieving it. The techniques all seem the same in both definitions, however there is a slight difference in the intent

Neville Goddard teaches us the most effective way to achieve our desires, which is the way through creative imagination. Which is different from just visualizing and seeing a goal in mind. When we imagine as Neville says, we give the images in our mind all the tones of reality as if it were happening now in the physical reality (Which is key, not in the future, not in the past but NOW), and the real anchor to seal the deal, is that believing in your imagination so faithfully that you deny the outer senses on physical reality that oppose to your desire not being true (persistent assuption).

This makes such a difference in how we go about working on our every desires. We don't just visualize a goal as something we eventually want to achieve, we imagine widly and feeling it as if we have already attained it.

Another key element in how we imagine is that when we imply a scene for our imaginal activity, it is best to use a short precise scene as if the desire/goal had already been achieved (Like a congratulatory remarks from a friend, or any act of feeling that would imply it already happened), and always always always see yourself (if the scene involves you) in the 1st person, as the actor playing the role, directed by you, produced by your imagination.

Follow these steps and you will see less struggle in fulfilling your desires.

Happy imagining!

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