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Living 'AS IF' Empty Living 'AS IF'

Post by Berryluv on Wed Oct 05, 2016 10:01 am

Good day beautiful Nevillers!

This week has been so so so so amazing for me so far, WHY? Because I simply intended it to be so.

I have been getting a few questions from friends who have been introduced to Neville recently and apart from asking about the techniques and the real meanings hidden in scripture. A very common question is: How do we live AS IF? or How do we live from the STATE OF THE WISH FULFILLED?

Well the answer to this question has nothing to do with me telling you to do your homework and read more lectures or meditate on the question to find the solution. Infact you may never truly know the answer until you have EXPERIENCED the answer.

But I have wonderful news for you! WE HAVE ALL LIVED THAT SAME ANSWER AT SOME TIME OR ANOTHER!!! (yes I'm shouting) We just didn't know where we planted that seed, and forgot about it until it harvested into our physical reality.

Now this is where Neville's teachings come into practical use, we are learning all of these tools to simply be observers, to know when and how, and simply direct our lives. That is why we must put our imagination to the test.

If at this point it may have seemed like I haven't answered your question (maybe I haven't directly), but living as if.... Simple analogy:
You are hungry, so super hungry it felt like you haven't eaten in days, so hungry you could eat an entire Thanksgiving dinner including the table and chairs... lol...
Your state is hunger and your desire is to be full...assuming that you already ate and you are full, how can you be hungry anymore? It"s simply impossible, infact the mere thought of another crumb of food to your lips should be repulsive. GIVE THANKS BECAUSE YOU ARE FULL... and you go about your day giving thanks for the wonderful meal you just ate. The desire to eat is gone!

That is exactly what living AS IF feels like, the desire is gone and you are going about your merry way that it all worked out. RELIEF!!!

As always stay blessed,
One Love,

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Living 'AS IF' Empty Re: Living 'AS IF'

Post by JPax on Mon Oct 24, 2016 1:08 pm

Thank you Berry! I AM RELIEVED!


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