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Dr's Visit Story Empty Dr's Visit Story

Post by Berryluv on Thu Sep 22, 2016 6:58 pm

Sharing with you a neat little success story which saved me time and money and worked immediatly. It may be small but this principle can be applied in all areas of our lives. Assume the best in all situations.

Dr's visit in Florida

I made an appt to see my dermatologist in Florida, while I was visiting.. when I reached there they told me my insurance info was not matching up and I would have to pay $120 for my visit with insurance. . I was appalled because I normally copay $20. ..
Anyway, the clerk at the front desk offered me a discount and got it lowered to about $81..I still was not comfortable with this price, but I needed to see the Dr since I was leaving Florida the following day, so I paid and saw my dr.
While in the Dr's room they wanted to charge me another $54 for my treatment.. (annoyed at this point but knew that, it wasn't what I normally paid) I told her go ahead.. but in my mind I said, all of this is going to be reversed..
While I waited I closed my eyes and visualized a pink light in me, and sent out the pink light to my dr. The office.. everything...
After my visit I went to pay the $54 (notice I didn't worry, I just assumed things would work out in my favor).. the nurse there tells me.. your information in the system is all wrong.. we will refund you your $81 and there is no charge for the treatment.. all you pay is $20..!!!

I got treatment, a huge bag filled with samples and goodies, all for only $20 which is what I normally paid.
I felt so good I ended up going in the car to get an extra bottle of organic coconut oil I bought as a gift for a friend I hadn't ended up seeing. So apparently the gift was really meant for her. The law works in mysterious ways.

The power of the stuff works all the time. And works when we let it go

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Dr's Visit Story Empty Re: Dr's Visit Story

Post by Nevillution on Thu Sep 22, 2016 7:37 pm

It's like a modern day déjà vu of all the success stories I heard/read in Neville's lectures. It nice to read current ones Smile


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