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Tips for letting go of control  Empty Tips for letting go of control

Post by Berryluv on Tue Sep 20, 2016 10:56 am

I would assume that anyone who coud give great advice on a topic about control, would be none other than the person who tries really hard to control things.

Sometimes I try really hard to control things, because in some way, control gives me a sense of peace of mind. When things are going my way, I can relax, when I get what I want, I can relax. When I am not in control I feel doubtful, angry, nervous and have a hard time calming my emotions.

So if you can relate, and I'm pretty sure most times you can, here are some tips for letting go of control and allowing things to unfold:

Being aware of your feelings
- Your human body is just an emotional filter, and although it automatically performs these amazing functions all day long we are not just our body. Our body just serves the purpose for indicating how we are thinking and feeling. And it's not that you want to monitor each and every feeling, it's just that depending on how you are feeling/thinking it will be a guage to remind you on where you need to be in order to achieve your desires.
Thinking from a place of anger, fear, furstration, you are thinking from your body and desplaying ego based feelings. These feelings are usually displayed when things aren't going our way and we feel as if we have no control. Well, in these circumstance we do know we have the ability to control how we feel, and choosing to make our feelings based on love, openness and peace is allowing you to stop identifying with your ego based body and connect with Source/God/Higher Being.

- Oprah has been and still is one of my biggest inspirations (I know I sound cliche), but the woman amazes me with her ability to continiously be a pillar of success throughout her career all starting from nowhere. And YES, she happens to be a control freak just as I am. It wasn't until I saw her Master Class series, that it all added up to me. The importance of surrendering, of letting go of your need to control the outcome and just know and be. It taught me an important lesson, that when you truly let go of the struggle, you have a calmness or peace. As Neville would say (or somehow would be a summary of what he would say), when you live and walk in the state, you carry a sense of knowing and you experience a sense of peace, it is done!
Oprah video on cue:

Overthinking Kills
- A big time lesson I've learned for letting go of control is that when we allow ourselves to overthink, it kills manifestation dead in its tracks (or at least slows it down Laughing ) And when people recommend listening to music, exercising or just keeping active by doing the things you love gets annoying, we still overthink. A neat little trick I have learned through Neville's advice, is when you think about your desire (or really thinking from) have an anchor phrase or word which represents it already being done. So this will help that bit of negativity creeping in.
For example: I am desiring to be happily married, and any time throughout the day, I should think of me being happily married, I say in my mind a phrase "Isn't it wonderful". Everytime I think of marriage or anything in relation, I say isn't it wonderful. In my imaginal scenes I say, "Isn't it wonderful". This phrase is my anchor that impresses upon my mind that it is already done and I am thinking from it, not of it, and the feelings of love and whatever being married is like surrounds me.

Letting go can be such a peaceful thing, yet that is all that is required of us. All we have to do is trust that it will unfold in the most natural and effortless way possible because you already imagined it into being.

One Love,

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