EO Locker Jr, from The Law and the Promise video

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EO Locker Jr, from The Law and the Promise video

Post by Berryluv on Thu Sep 15, 2016 10:27 pm

Hey everyone,

I would like to share a video from an actual student who attended Neville's lectures and has had much success with these methods of imagining. 

EO Locker Jr. has even been featured in Neville's book The Law and the Promise as a written testimonial. Sometimes people have requested actual footage of Neville during his lectures, which I have not found. But it is nice to see a video of an actual person who has met Neville and put his teachings to use very effectively. And it has paid him greatly. Following this video on youtube is another continuation of this interview where he talks about using his imagination to have his theatre/production company gain recognition. All quite interesting.



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