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Post by Berryluv on Wed Aug 24, 2016 2:21 pm

I have often wondered why Neville emphasized during an imaginal session to always get into the state akin to sleep. And I thought, he also sometimes would just assume something and it would just work out, as if magic. So should we really always get into that state only before we do anything?

Well looking into this and many other teachers similar to this type of New Age thought at the time (Willian Atkinson especially), or you may have heard of Jose Silva and the Silva method, the list goes on and on. They all have a very common method, is that the power of the mind is the tool that is used to construct your desire. And that we can mentally influence anyone or anything to shape our world. But before we getting into how we can influence others, lets discuss this state akin to sleep situation.

The state akin to sleep is actually - the state which borders sleep - alpha/theta level - the state in which we are so relaxed and not thinking with our conscious minds. Putting this into scientific terms it is important to understand how your brain contributes to the state of mind, there are basically 5 levels that our brain waves function at; Beta (The waking consciousness and reasoning wave), Alpha (The deep relaxation wave), Theta (The light meditation and sleeping wave), Delta (The deep sleep wave) and Gamma (The Insight wave). The state akin to sleep in basically that window of opportunity where we can implant the subconcious mind with our thought/desires. The subconscious is there for responsible for transmitting this energy we put out in order to bring about our desires. We are all one, all connected and as how I like to put it 'we communicate to each other through the subconscious mind'.

The conscious mind represents the physical world or the shadow world as Neville calls it, and it really isn't true reality, it is just a reflection of what we have created mentally. So getting into the state akin to sleep is vital for creating, which is why Neville stresses practicing imaginal sessions daily and often, to increse getting into the state more easily. Which leads me to the other question. How did Neville just assume and things happened?

What I have realized is to truly master this power, it really is about having that mental power of getting into the state easily, without having to get into a deep trancelike state. It really could be just mastering relaxation had mental triggers that our subconcious would know what to do. Have you ever been driving a car and not thinking about how your are driving, but automatically doing it? You breathe, blink and do all these other functions that you could havve control over but are already controlled by our subconscious...This works, its so possible...thats why practice practice and engraving it into our subconcious will make us masters at this.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and any experiences you have mastering this

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