How to keep the faith when you are faced w/ doubt

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How to keep the faith when you are faced w/ doubt Empty How to keep the faith when you are faced w/ doubt

Post by Berryluv on Sun Aug 14, 2016 3:31 pm

Although imparting Nevlle's wisdom on this topic would be best suited. Most people find it difficult to break down his teachings to have a basic understanding of his simple yet practical outlook on LoA.

I would like to discuss how simple and general these teachings are and can be applied whether you're an Aber, Bashar, Neviller or whatever works for you in the LoA crowd.

Establishng the premise that we are God (Source, infinite being) having a human (non finite) experience in this journey called life, is really the basis of understanding you will need to fully whether through this.

Now that you have established that you are God, it is now safe to assume that EVERYTHING, yes EVERYTHING is ALWAYS  working out for you. WHY? Because you  are God, and understanding this LAW is what will cushion the inevitable blows of life.

"The law is simple, 'As you sow, so shall you reap.' It's the law of like begets like. As you imagine, so shall your life become. Knowing what you want, assume the feeling that would be yours if you had it. Persist in that feeling, and in a way you do not know and could not devise, your desire will become a fact." - Neville Goddard

Your only job is to believe that it works, and remain faithful and it will, anything else WILL delay and even block your blessings. It's like having the perfect recipe for your grandmother's famous pie, it's just perfect ... and when you follow the recipe it works like a charm, but when you begin to add other things, and substitute the ingredients, the pie turns out wrong. Lets focus on getting the pie, the tried and tested pie recipe that works, all the time.

Look back at a few instances where you have followed a method that worked. And don't think you can't manifest anything, just look around you. Feel free to discuss what works, what got you the awesome pie!

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